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Missing Indexes Recommendations


Click on the selected row in the Missing Indexes grid (top grid) the grid below shows current indexes on the selected table.


You can then compare the index recommendation to what indexes are currently on the table. Do not add the indexes recommended until review current indexes.


Best Practices:

Focus on the largest improvement measure- sort the column descending. Generally if the improvement measure is less than 10 ignore the recommendation

Check if there are any other index recommendations on the table- where possible overlapping indexes.




Lets assume Table X already has a non clustered index IX_X_A_B on columns A,B

If the missing index recommendation was to create an index on Table X with columns A,B,C.


You could create a new index on columns A,B,C but it would be better to edit the index IX_X_A_B and add column C, and rename the index to IX_X_A_B_C





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