SSRS Security Manager

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Manage data sources

supports the creation of data-driven subscriptions.


  • Create Data Source

Manage folders

Create, view, and delete folders, and view and modify folder properties.


  • Create Folder
  • Delete Update Properties
  • Read Properties

Manage models

Create, view, and delete models, and view and modify model properties.


  • Create Model

Manage reports

Add and delete reports, modify report parameters, view and modify report properties, view and modify data sources that provide content to the report, view and modify report definitions, and set security policies at the report level.


  • Create Report
  • Also creating shared data sets

Manage resources

Create, modify, and delete resources, and view and modify resource properties.


  • Create Resource

Set security for individual items

Define security policies for reports, linked reports, folders, resources, and data sources. For more information, see Securable Items.


  • Read Security Policies
  • Update Security Policies

View folders

View folder contents and navigate through the folder hierarchy.


  • Read Properties
  • Execute And View
  • List Report History

View models

View models in the folder hierarchy, use models as data sources for a report, and run queries against the model to retrieve data.