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SSRS Subscription Manager

The speed and flexibility of SSRS Subscription Manager will transform how much you accomplish in a day.

Combine the awesome search and filter within the grid and the mind-blowing ability to create or modify many thousands of subscriptions across multiple reports concurrently, to experience a revolution in report management.  

Effect thousands of changes simultaneously

Eliminate error-prone repetition with simple process automation

Transform hours of work into minutes

Save time, increase efficiency, reduce costs.

100 x Faster than Report Manager

Automating regular time-consuming tasks saves countless man-hours enabling you to optimize the deployment and efficiency of your valuable resources.

Process automation enables faster delivery of performance objectives, eliminates the opportunity for errors, resulting in increased client satisfaction.

Search & Replace

Search and replace by delivery extensions-

File, Folder

email address

delivery extension eg., PDF, CSV

I now do 12 hours work in 5 minutes!

C.F. University of North Dakota.

We installed today and saved us hours of work already

JB, Mearsgroup

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