Column Visibility

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Column Visibility

Visibility Columns/Bands


On some tree and girds there are Bands. A band is a collection of columns. You cannot move a column in one band to another eg. you cannot move the Database column in the Main band to the Index Type band.

In the screen shot below Main is the band and in the Main band are the columns Database, Object Type and Full Name.





How To Hide columns



When a band is hidden together with its child bands and columns, headers of hidden children are not displayed within the Customization Form



Do one of the following

Click on the column header/band header and drag it onto the grid/tree cell area until the cursor changes to a big 'X'. Then drop the header





If the customization form is open drag and drop column/band header onto customization form  




Show Columns

Drag the required column/band from the Customization Form onto the column/band header panel and drop it at a specific position