Object Size

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Object Size

This column is called Object Size not Table Size as it includes Tables and Indexed Views


The object size is counted at database level and object level


The table size is be measured in

Row Count        - number of rows in the object


oData Index Ratio. The size of the Data to Index Ratio. The range is -100% to +100%.

 +100% = Only Data no index space

 -100%= Size is all indexes.

 This is an important measure. Indexes should be a fraction of the data size. If this is negative it means the index size is bigger than the data size. Review the indexes on the object

oTotal space

oSpace unused = Total space - Space Data - Space Index

oSpace used = Space Data + Space Index

oSpace Data - table size

oSpace Index - size of indexes on object (table or indexed view)





[In the example below]

The table Sales.Individual is expanded. Size information is only shown at database level and object level

The data bars show the maximum size at object level not at database level. The reason for this is on large databases with many tables the size for each individual table is small compared to the size at the database level- meaning a small data bar at the table level.