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SSRS Data Source Manager

Health Check

Health Check- Identify reports and models with missing data sources.

Simply Choose the correct data source on the column and press the fix button.

No more reports unable to run due to missing data sources.

Note: the evaluation version will only work with reports and models beginning with ‘test’

SSRS Data Source Manager Function

The data source manager has two functions.

Single data source change for an individual report or model. Simply  click the combo box on the row (see picture), a list of all shared data sources on the SSRS will be displayed. Choose the correct shared data source and press the change button.

Bulk change of data sources, for reports and models. Works with reports and models with more than one data source.

Selectively choose data sources for individual reports or models, or by folder and sub folders from the tree view.

Use filter option to exclude items not to be changed.

Select server data source, 1 click job done.

How easy is that?

How long does it take you to change 100 reports manually?

How many oversights and missed changes can you prevent?

How many minutes of your time saved will pay for this software?

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