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SSRS Backup and Export

The Easy Way to Export and Backup SSRS Items

Using SSRS Backup and Export

  1. Enter your report server URL
  2. Select the SSRS folder from a tree view.
  3.  (optional) To include sub folders tick box marked “Include sub folders”.
  4. In Folder to Save RDL’s section enter the your chosen destination folder.
  5. Press Process button
  6. Check choices in Log file and press export button.

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Using Report Manager

How to extract an RDL Report from SSRS using Report Manager.

Connect to Report Manager in your Web Browser

Locate report in Report Manager.

Click on the report properties

Click the edit hyperlink

Choose the folder where you want to save the report or resource.

Repeat steps above for each RDL report in the current folder

  1. Repeat steps above for sub folders.
  2. Hope you have not missed anything
  3. Now you can start working on the reports.

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Comparing Report Manager to SSRS Backup and Export


Time in minutes

Export 500 Reports


Check for missing items



8.33  hours without coffee/lunch.....

SSRS Export and Backup


Time in seconds

Export 500 Reports


Check for missing items



8.33  MINUTES -time for coffee?


1 minute to configure Export settings

Time taken to extract and save each report is approximately 1 second.


8 minutes vs AN ENTIRE DAY, of unproductive time.

Even the 8 minutes can be productive- no more user interaction is needed. (Get the kettle on).

Get on with doing the interesting and challenging things you are paid to do.

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Report Manager

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