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Example of Using SSRS CMD

This example uploads reports and resources from the folder and sub folders c:\SSRSUpload to SSRS. If reports and resources already exist on the report server they will be backed up to the folder c:\SSRSBackup.

Using SSRS CMD Interactively


  1. Start SSRS CMD
  2. Connect to SSRS Server in SSRS CMD type

Connect http://localhost/reportserver

  1. Upload reports and resources

Createall c:\SSRSUpload /b:c:\SSRSBackup /o /s


  1. A common issue is when for uploaded reports to the report server is the report data sources not linked. Here is a one line command to fix report data sources

The command SetRptDS works with multiple data sources it has the option to change a single data source

Example: set the report data sources to SSRS \data source\prod for reports in the SSRS folder \ssrsupload

Setrptds \ssrsupload /c:"\data source\prod" /s


Using SSRS CMD As a batch file.

With the above example the commands can be created in a batch file, eg c:\ssrs\SSRSUpload.txt

Connect http://localhost/reportserver

Createall c:\SSRSUpload /b:c:\SSRSBackup /o /s

Setrptds \ssrsupload /c:"\datasource\prod" /s

Running the Batch File

From within SSRS CMD

Call c:\ssrs\ssrsUpload.txt

From the Command Line (eg. MS Command prompt)

Create an MS Command batch file (assuming ssrscmd has been added to the path otherwise you will need to enter the full name of ssrscmd).

ssrscmd call c:\ssrs\ssrsupload.txt

There are over 90 commands to manage SSRS from the command line.- See the online manual for more information.

Give it a try.


Folder location to upload repots and resources from

Note if the folder has spaces enclose in quote


Folder location to backup existing reports and resources

Note if the folder has spaces enclose in quotes


include sub folders. If not specified only current folder used


Overwrite existing items on SSRS


Folder location to update data sources

Note if the folder has spaces enclose in quotes


Include sub folders

\C:<data source>

Name of data source to change in reports.

Note the name is enclosed in quotes as it has spaces in the name