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SSRS Security Manager


This incredibly powerful tool is packed with features which enable you to manage security in ways not previously possible, and at speeds that will astound you

In Report Manager it is impossible to get an overall view of security. You can only see the security for each individual item.

To ensure the integrity of your SSRS security is compliant with internal and external procedures and regulation, you need to manually check the security of every item in the report database.

SSRS Security Manager Application screenshot showing SSRS security differencesV For the first time you have complete visibility of your reports security.   An overview in tree form with simple colour coding gives an instant visual alert to direct your resources where needed. You can drill down to item level.

SQL Azure takes 10 seconds to open each individual item before checking/amending.

SSRS Security Manager automates this operation to transform hours of manual repetition into minutes- error and omission free.

Daily management of report security is now super-quick. Compare tasks in roles, users in groups, roles or task to users, and apply the updates you need enabling faster turnaround on change requests and increase staff productivity

SSRS Security Manager uses the Reporting Services SOAP API’s to query the Report Server enabling you to manage SSRS security over the Internet. You do not require access to the reporting services database, just login as you do with Report Manager.

SSRS Security Manager explaining icon colours
  1. The icon is yellow indicating the security of the folder is inherited but there is an item in the folder that has different security (not inherited). In the above example DataSource1 is highlighted red to indicate this items security is not inherited. It is recommended only to change security on folders not items in folders. See SSRS Security best practices for further information
  2. The icon is red indicating the data source called DataSource1 is not inherited
  3. The icon is red indicating the folder DataSources is not inherited.
  4. The icon is green indicating the Report Project 1 folder is inherited.
System roles can be easily managed using SSRS Security Manager, unlike Report manager in Azure SQL Reporting, Works with all versions of SQL SSRS 2000-2017