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Partition Details are broken out into 4 sections.


1.Partition Summary

2.Details of selected row in Partition Summary (1)

3.Chart of Selected row in (1). Zooming can be done with the mouse wheel. Hover the mouse over the chart to show the partition details.

4.Range Bar- zoom chart (3).Zooming can be done with the mouse wheel or dragging the edge buttons



In the Partition Summary pin columns to the left or right as in the example below.  As there is a lot of information it is best to pin items such as table name, index details, Rows per partition

The Rows Per Partition chart is a summary chart. It dynamically groups up to 400 points. eg. if an item has 800 partitions, each point in the chart would be a summation of 2 partitions

The selected Row Details (2) has columns for left and right boundaries, in addition it has a Range column. Choose either Range or boundary columns and hide the other columns






To resize drag the splitter bars.

resize parition


Partition Summary Grid Columns



Column Name



Database name

Schema name

Object Schema eg. dbo.


Name of object without schema

Full Name

Name of object with schema

Index Type

Index type

Index Name

Index name


Index keys

Fill Factor

Fill factor of index

Pad Index

shows Gradient Ok1 if index is padded

Partition Scheme

Name of partition scheme on index

Partition Function

Name of partition function on index

Partition Count

count of number of partitions

Partitions With Data

Count of partitions with data in them

Partition With Data Pct

Percentage of partitions with data

Schema Type

Column type of partitioned column

Partition Column

Column index/hash table is partitioned on


Partition Alignment

Row Count

Total Row count for hash table or index

Data Size

Size of table (KB)

Index Size

Size of Index

Rows Per Partition

Chart of partition


Selected Row Details Grid