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SSRS Migrate

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SSRS versions supported SSRS 2000,2005,2008,2008r2,2012,2014,2016,2017

Migration types supported option- All

oNative to native

oNative to integrated (SharePoint)

oIntegrated to integrated

oIntegrated to native

Health check

oIdentify and fix current issues before migration

oEnter account information in a consolidate way. For example if there were 1000 file share subscriptions using say 10 different accounts SSRS Migrate will only show 10 accounts requiring account information, not 1000 subscriptions.

oVisually see issues

Shared schedule migration or transformation (if there are shared schedules on the destination SSRS server)

Delivery extension transformation when migrating subscriptions for SSRS integrated to native- SharePoint Document Library to FileShare.

Rendering extension transformation eg. change the rendering from XLS to XLSX