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SSRS Software

SSRS Security Manager

Complete visibility of overall security

Supports Azure SQL Reporting

Supports audit and compliance protocols

Unique colour coded overview offers immediate visual alerts to potential security issues

Security audit exported to Excel

Manage item, role and system roles

Reduce man hours and improve efficiency

View users in groups

Identify security differences

SSRS Security Manager Home Page

SSRS Subscription Manager

Fast track business delivery objectives

Increase productivity

Incredible speed enables faster delivery of business intelligence

Process 1000’s subscriptions simultaneously

Unique search and replace function

Migrate 1000’s subscriptions in minutes

Rerun failed subscriptions

Reschedule subscriptions with time offset

Brick level backup and restore

Subscription de-duplication

SSRS Subscription Manager Home Page

SSRS Data Source Manager

Fix missing data sources

Bulk change data sources

Custom data sources supported

Dynamic data sources supported

Convert custom data sources to shared data sources.

SSRS Data Source Home Page

SSRS Backup & Export

Brick level backup of all items

Supports Azure SQL Reporting

Export local disk

Save export to .zip file

SSRS Export and Backup uses the Reporting Services SOAP API’s to query the Report Server enabling you to manage SSRS over the Internet.

You do not require access to the reporting services database, just login as you do with Report Manager

SSRS Backup & Export Home Page

SSRS Bundle

Why buy one at a time when you can have them all

SSRS Bundle Home Page


Command line processor

Over 80 commands

Batch files supported

Automate deployments via batch file

Batch file can be scheduled.

Supports Azure SQL Reporting

SSRS CMD Home Page
  • SSRS Subscription ManagerManage SSRS Subscriptions in bulk.
  • SSRS Security Manager
  • SSRS Export and BackupExport Items from SSRS server to disk
  • SSRS CMDCommand line processor for SSRS
  • SSRS Data source managerManage SSRS data sources
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2nd Rock SSRS Software

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  • SSRS CMDCommand line processor for SSRS
  • SSRS Subscription ManagerSSRS Subscription Manager