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SSRS Subscription Manager Feature: SOX Compliance

Automated Reporting is often a requirement of SOX and other regulatory compliance.

Creating automated reports correctly not only assists with compliance, it removes the opportunity for errors or omissions.

Using Report Manager to manually create subscriptions it is too easy to

• Incorrectly enter a parameter

• Enter a time incorrectly,

• Enter a wrong password.

• Miss a subscription.

The greater the number of subscriptions, the more likely tedium, interruptions, or tiredness will result in an error. We are only human after all.

Remove the human, eliminate human error.

SSRS Subscription Manager eradicates errors by automating subscription creation:

Rapidly create an unlimited number of subscriptions using the Excel template. All the functions and formulae of Excel can now be used to create or modify at your will.

 Enter a new description- or indeed any parameter- once- then copy, not repeat. Nothing is missed.

Copy, Paste, Insert, Delete, Drag, Drop or Save; when using Excel you don’t work cell by cell - SO WHY DO IT IN REPORT MANAGER?

SSRS Subscription Manager will back up your current subscriptions; you simply edit an existing, or add a new parameter, and simply restore the subscriptions. Days of laborious manual work completed in minutes.

The software includes a validation feature which highlights issues with a subscription- even identifies which parameter(s) within a single subscription is incorrect. Make your adjustments as required, confident that once restored, your subscriptions all will be present and correct. Your changes are delivered in a fraction of the expected time scale.

Set up regular snapshots or logs of your reporting as demanded by your compliance regulator, and use randomly generated passwords to confirm data has not been altered after the event.

Many companies now are seeking to rationalize, reorganize or restructure parts of their business, SSRS Software supports the implementation of change by accelerating the rate at which modifications to information is delivered.  The greatest benefit of using the software is time; it liberates highly skilled (and paid) technical staff from manual tasks enabling them to focus their skills and time into delivering your business objectives- quicker.

Did you know that modifying a report parameter, either renaming a current parameter, adding a new one or deleting one will make all existing subscriptions to that report fail?

Can you calculate how many hours it takes to manually recreate all the subscriptions to that report?