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SSRS Subscription Manager Help File

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Single Subscription

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Single Subscription Management



Evaluation version only allows editing of subscription. Subscription creation is disabled.


If you are using SSRS Standard Edition you cannot created Data Driven Subscriptions






Create single subscription from an existing subscription. Use an existing subscription as a template to create new subscriptions with parameters and delivery extension values pre-populated.

Modify a subscription

Single subscription transformations.Change delivery eg email to file share, file share to SharePoint document library- simply change the delivery type in the Delivery combobox.



The single subscription form is set to always be on top of the main Subscription Manager form. It is recommended to use dual monitors, with a form in each monitor.




How to create a new subscription

How to update a subscription




Single Subscription Window.

After choosing to create or edit a new subscription the following window opens up:











Current issues with missing items in the screenshot above you can see Password is missing. This is also shown in (5). as a missing value- last but one item.


Subscription delivery and description


Subscription Schedule


Subscription delivery parameters


Subscription Parameters


Invalid Subscription Parameters







Differences For Standard and Data Driven Subscriptions


 This applies to the sections highlighted in the screenshot





 Standard Subscription




 Note Columns Field and DDS Field are hidden for standard subscriptions



Data Driven Subscription


Two extra columns show data driven subscription data. This also applies to parameters.

Until the dataset is defined the Dataset Field columns are not populated.







To select a value in the Dataset Field, first check Use Dataset










SharePoint Document Library


The SharePoint document library delivery Path item has a folder icon. Click this icon to select the path of the document library